Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You?

Which Grey's Anatomy character fits your personality best: Meredith, Addison, Derek, Izzie, George, Alex, Mark, or Christina? Find out in this super amazing quiz created by your super bored friend, Tara!

This is so much more entertaining than the stupid quizzes that are like, "What kind of surgeon are you?" Seriously. Hopefully, these questions are a little less obvious. But maybe not. You decide!!

Created by: Tara
  1. How do you see the glass of life?
  2. You catch your significant other cheating on you with your best friend. How do you respond?
  3. Your friends would say that, above all else, you are...
  4. Your ideal relationship would be with someone who...
  5. You make decisions with your...
  6. Your weakness?
  7. Your ideal vacation would be...
  8. Most awesome feeling?
  9. I seek approval the most from...
  10. Last one: Favorite hobby?

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Quiz topic: Which Grey's Anatomy Character am I?