Ben 10 Season 1 Test

"Ben 10" is a tv show, three seasons are out. But lets talk about the first one. Ben, with his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max are traveling America in the summer. In the first day, he finds the Omnitrix, a device able to transform to aliens. One of his aliens is Grey Matter, a very smart one.

Do you think your'e like Grey Matter, so smart? Then take my "Ben 10 Season 1" test and maybe you will be like Grey Matter. And watch "Ben 10" on "Cartoon Network".

Created by: Daniel Yavin
  1. What is Wildmutt's power?
  2. In the episode "Lucky Girl" who becomes "Lucky Girl"?
  3. In the episode "The Alliance" who wouldn't Ben (As Upgrade, Xlr8 or Fourarms)?
  4. Which alien did Ben turn into for almost a whole episode?
  5. What is Ben afraid of until "Last Laugh"?
  6. In "Lucky Girl", what charm did Gwen have?
  7. How many forms does Ben have?
  8. How many episodes are there in the season.
  9. Who is Ben's favourite alien?
  10. Why does Ben need Gwen and Grandpa Max?

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