which greys anatomy female character are you?

greys anatomy is a great show and always manages to make me cry. the characters are great and people can really relate to them but who are you most like? who do you want to be most like? take this quiz and find out if what you want matches up with what you get!!!!!

who are you? are you more meredith, cristina or are you more like izzie? who do you think you are? who do you want to be? take this quiz and find out. you wont regret it lol

Created by: dani
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. have you ever fallen for someone you shouldnt?
  2. do you find it hard to choose between people?
  3. would you ever cheat on someone?
  4. have you ever cheated on anyone?
  5. do you find it hard to show what your truly feeling?
  6. have you ever gone with someone who was already with someone?
  7. would you do anything for your friends and family?
  8. who means more friends or family?
  9. would/have you lied to protect someone?
  10. who do you think you are most like?

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Quiz topic: Which greys anatomy female character am I?