Do you know Demps?

There are many people in this world that think that they know and understand the REAL Demps.... you think you have what it takes? take the quiz. you may think you know me, but you dont really know me *evil stare*

do you think you know who i really am? who am i? spider man? no realy. im an obsessed greys anatomy fan but thats besides the point. if you have been talking to me on the boards, then take the never know, you may know more about me then you think

Created by: Demps
  1. What is my full log in on the ABC message boards? (this is a free one)
  2. Who is my "person", "cloney" and "Twinny(s)"? in that order.
  3. fill in the blank: i(demps) and a proud supporter of Team_____ and Team _____.
  4. What habbit did i have until i was 12? (aka...still dont do)
  5. What is my religion?
  6. Am i a Vegetarian?
  7. what allergies do i have?
  8. which fruit and veggie do i HATE?
  9. what do i want to be when im older?
  10. which greys character am i most like?
  11. what is my favourite type of chips?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Demps?