how much do you know the nfl

there is lots of people who know lots of football, if you can get a 100 on this quiz, i think youve got what it takes, i really dont understand why we have to write so much for these paragraphs i think most people dont like to write about there quiz i really dont have much to say so im just writing all this crap

are you a football master? do you understand how the league works? this quiz is all about football its got the packers, dolphins, rishing titles, everything exept defensive questions,i threw in some defensive players names like Ed Reed and Troy polumalo

Created by: chris

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  1. All of these questions have to do with the 08-09 season. what was the lions record?
  2. who was the offensive player of the year?
  3. who was the offensive rookie of the year?
  4. who was the leading rusher in the nfl? remember every question has to do with the 08-09 season.
  5. what position does peyton manning play?
  6. who is the chargers starting QB
  7. who will have the 1st overall draft pick?
  8. who wont have a 1st round draft pick
  9. who is the chargers head coach
  10. who lost the last superbowl
  11. who was the steelers rookie running back that was injured out for season
  12. are these names real jeremy zuttah,aqib talib, mac flanagan.
  13. what team holds the running backs "nickname" of smash and dash
  14. what team has the colors of green and orange
  15. who is the colts starting running back

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Quiz topic: How much do I know the nfl