Greys Anatomy unleashed

This quiz is about my favourie TV show 'Grey's Anatomy.'I want to find out if you love this show like me.From the dictionary 'Love' means 'an intence feeling of deep affection.'

Do yo LOVE this show like I do? Well its time to find out.Now take my quiz so we know if you really do.This quiz is the quiz that will really let you know if you have Grey's Anatomy Knowldege like me but if you don't that does not matter.

Created by: Isabella of this site
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  1. Whos name is the first shown in the opening credits?
  2. Who is the only person not to get pregnant in Season 1,2,3.
  3. Who is the only person not to get pregnant in Season 1,2,3.
  4. How old was Izzie when she got pregnant?
  5. Who is the father of Izzie's child?
  6. What is Meredith's dad's name?
  7. What colour shirt was Derek wearing when he met Meredith?
  8. Why did Merediths dad slap her?
  9. What are the three rules for The Dirty Mistresses Club?(In order)
  10. Is this the best quiz ever.

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