The Ultimate Grey's Anatomy Season 2 Quiz

So you watch Grey's Anatomy every week??? And you think you know all the facts? I don't think so... I think even Shonda would've difficulties making this quiz.

Just take this quiz to see how much you really know about Grey's Anatomy. There are 42 multiple choice questions. Good luck! You'll definitely need it!!!

Created by: Afina
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  1. What did Izzie eat while watching a standstill-operation on Joe?
  2. In which episode did Addison say: "My husband didn't cheat on me, I cheated on him. So the wronged woman here, doctor Grey. So I think you owe her one hell of an apology"
  3. Who's Cristina's person?
  4. Who says: "Them and their stupid boy penises" in episode 2?
  5. Which song is played in the first scene of episode 2?
  6. Where was the Chief's wife when he was having brain surgery?
  7. What did Meredith's patient Mr. Hubble ingest. (Episode 2)
  8. What disease is Meredith's mother suffering from?
  9. Finish the following quote: "Surgeons Are..."
  10. Whose nicknames include Satan and McHot?
  11. What are you often doing when you're suffering from Erythrophobia?
  12. What are Derek's favourite sheets according to Addison?
  13. Who was assigned to Ellis Grey's case when she was admitted to the hospital?
  14. In what week of her pregnancy was Cristina when she miscarried?
  15. Who's 'a tiny little kitten of joy and love' according to Joe?
  16. What colour of panties is Cristina wearing during rounds in episode 4?
  17. How much time does the hospital grant for Alex to retake his exams?
  18. How long have Addison and Derek been married?
  19. What do Derek and Meredith need to arrange before they can operate on the Hmong-girl that suffers from a tumour in her spinal canal?
  20. True or false: George was the one that froze when the cop needed heart-surgery in an elevator?
  21. "He doesn't love her. He can't. But he'll stay with her anyway. She's his wife" Who is Ellis talking about?
  22. How many times does someone open the door of Joe's Bar of which Meredith looks around to see if it's Derek in episode 5 and 6?
  23. What are the names of the two people that have a pole through there bodies in the train wreck episode?
  24. To what animal does George compare Meredith in episode 7?
  25. What's the name of the wheelchair chick that Alex gets stuck with all day?
  26. Who was giving Cristina all these disgusting errands to run, because Cristina had pissed him/her off?
  27. How much money did Izzie and Cristina earn by selling 'tickets' to the surgery on Shane Herman? (Excluding Cristina's private part)
  28. What are the names of Derek and Addison's friends from New York
  29. What colour of dress did Cristina wear on her first real date with Burke?
  30. "I can do hot in my sleep!" Who said this?
  31. Which intern volunteers first to be tortured on Thanksgiving's Day?
  32. What's the name of Joe's boyfriend?
  33. What is Steve's nickname?
  34. In what episode did Burke 'key' Cristina?
  35. In what episode did Addison war the salmon-coloured scrubs for the last time?
  36. What last name did Sydney Heron give Izzie?
  37. Which intern didn't cross the picket line in episode 15?
  38. What is Izzie's daughter's name?
  39. What was Grace Bickham's time of death?
  40. True or false: Meredith played the part of Juliet in the play 'Romeo and Juliet' in eighth grade?

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