Do you know Greys?

Greys Anatomy, do you know anything about it? From the Creator, to the actors/actress, to the lines in the show. come test your ability! this test will differentiate the EXTREME fans, from the occasional watchers!

Are you a true fan? Or do you only watch it when it is convenient? Do you pay attention to detail? Or do you just watch it for the sex scenes? Do you know the characters of SGH? Only this test will tel...

Created by: Demps
  1. Who is the creator of Greys Anatomy?
  2. When did the first episode air? (1.01 S1E1)
  3. Name the Actresses that play the following characters: Meredith, Isobel, Cristina, Addison? (in order)
  4. Name the Actors that play the following roles: Cheif Webber, Derek, Alex, George. (in order)
  5. What is a 6 letter word for 'Pinnacle'?
  6. How many sisters, neices and nephews does Derek Shepherd have?
  7. What are the 3 ways Meredith loves Derek (main points.. In order)?
  8. "why do I keep hitting my self with a hammer?"
  9. What is the truth about the truth?
  10. What is Rob Corns 2 nick-names?
  11. Who is Ipecac?
  12. Who was the first one to come up with the nick name "McDreamy"?
  13. Who came up with the name "McSteamy"?
  14. Who is Preston Burke?
  15. Where is Ellis Grey currently living?
  16. Complete the following Sentence: "no ________, its sad....really"
  17. what was the super secret silent sunset surgery from 1.09?
  18. What Steet does Meredith Grey live on?
  19. Dr. Erika Hahn, the actress, also starred in which movie that is mentioned through out this series?
  20. Disappearances happen in science. Disease can suddenly fade away, tumors go missing, and we open someone up to discover the cancer is gone. Its ______ It ____, but it happens.

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