Does He Really Love Me? (Very Accurate)

Are you in a relationship and wondering "Does He Really Love Me?" Well, if so, you came to the right quiz! My quiz is actually 99.99% accurate and it will give you the right results. I hope you get excellent results. By the way, I do not expect you to rate or comment. (:

I bet you're tired of questioning if he honestly loves you like you love him. That's why I made this quiz! This quiz is sure to relieve your stress, and give you the truth you are looking for. Good luck. 99.99% Accuracy.

Created by: Savannah Lea Livengood
  1. How often do you two talk?
  2. Have you two kissed yet?
  3. If he sees you TALKING to another boy, what does he say or do?
  4. You HUG another boy. He...
  5. In the hallways at school in between classes, he...
  6. If you grab his hand first, what does he do?
  7. You lean in to kiss him. He...
  8. If you call yourself fat, he says..
  9. If you tell him you don't want to be bothered, what does he do?
  10. Does he defend you when people mess with you?
  11. Does he tell you everything?
  12. Does he get along with your friends, just for your sake?
  13. Does he respect the decisions you make?
  14. How often does he tell you that you're beautiful?

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