The HARDEST Grey's Anatomy quiz ever!

A lot of people say they like Grey's Anatomy, but they truthfully know very little about it. Some people watch when they can, and some people know everything about it.

Are you a hardcore fan! Do you know everything there is to know about Grey's Anatomy? Or are you a lowly passerby who knows nothing about Grey-Sloan Memorial or the surgeons that work there? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: BellatrixLover3
  1. What is Alex's birth name?
  2. What does Arizona tell Bailey when Bailey reveals she got the Peds fellowship?
  3. What causes Callie to hyperventilate after John Doe's death?
  4. Who sang How To Save A Life at the Grey's Anatomy benefit concert?
  5. Who doesn't exist?
  6. Who says this "It's not a horse, it's a Pegasus, and it wants to hold your hand?"
  7. Who has said they don't see themselves acting after Grey's Anatomy?
  8. Which character has not pursued a different specialty other than the one they chose?
  9. Which songs were sung during the musical episode?
  10. Who played Denny Duquette?

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