How well do you know Greys Anatomy?

There are many people who watch thrillers or love stories, but lots watch Greys Anatomy. People who watch Greys truly are special, it combines thrill and love all in one

Do you know your Greys though? Do you really pay attention to every little thing Bailey says? Remember this quiz ranges from season 1-10, so if your not up to it....

Created by: Summer
  1. (season 1) Bailey had 5 rules, what was rule number 2?
  2. (season 1) Who was the first intern to perform a surgery and who was the attending?
  3. (season 2) Which intern gets pregnant with an attending and has a miscarriage?
  4. (season 3) Who covers for Meredith when she loses her black panties?
  5. (season 3/4) Who fails there intern exam by one point?
  6. *BONUS* Which of these is NOT a Lexie Grey nickname?
  7. (season 5) Who pulls an icicle out of Cristina Yang's stomach?
  8. (season 6)What is the first episode called?
  9. (season 6) Who is responsible for the shooting?
  10. (season 7) Who becomes Chief Resident?
  11. *BONUS* What is the sparkle pager?
  12. (season 8) In if/then who cheats on Meredith and with who?
  13. (season 8/9) What happens in the end of season 8 and the beginning of season 9?
  14. (season 10) Who wins the Harper Avery award?
  15. *BONUS* What was the name of Rebecca Pope's husband?
  16. Last question : Who does Meredith blame for the death of Derek?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Greys Anatomy?