How we'll do you know Grey's Anatomy?

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There are people who love tv shows and lots of people like thus one too I hope you enjoy it it is amazing and I know that if your taking thus quiz your determining how much you have watched or need to watch

This is putting your memory of greys anatomy to the ultimate test I hope you like thus quiz and good luck! This is to determine your inner doctor!!!!!!

Created by: Cooke

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  1. Who does Meredith sleep with in her first day as an Intern?
  2. Who dies in the plane crash?
  3. Who is Christina's Person?
  4. Who likes to kick Derek out of bed?
  5. In the episode "If/Then" Who is Callie married to?
  6. Who did Burke TRY to marry?
  7. Who died under a bus?
  8. Who got Cancer?
  9. What three people did George sleep with?
  10. Who is the son of famous people?
  11. Who completed a clinical trial?
  12. What clinical trial?

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Quiz topic: How we'll do I know Grey's Anatomy?