are you a Greys anatomy superfan?

There are many fans in this world but are you a super fan especially to greys anatomy?, take this quiz to test your knowledge I hope you enjoy it,

Do you know greys anatomy like the back of your hand!? Like I do, take this quiz to test your knowledge on the show you have to know at least a little bit in order to take it

Created by: sms

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  1. What season did lexie grey die?
  2. When did greys anatomy first heir?
  3. When did Meredith drown?
  4. When did Meredith realize she was dead, after drowning?
  5. Who gave Dr. Shepard the nickname Mcdreamy?
  6. Which season did the plane crash?
  7. What specialty is Dr. Derek Shepard?
  8. Who did Meredith date?
  9. When did Richard's wife die?
  10. Who did Dr. Bailey eventually marry?
  11. When was lexie first introduced?
  12. What did Cristina suffer from after the plane crashed?
  13. True or false, Derek and Meredith got married over 'post it'
  14. What is Mcsteamy's real name?
  15. Who created greys anatomy?
  16. How many times was the hospital's name changed?
  17. What is the current name of the hospital ?
  18. What season did George Die?
  19. Who plays Meredith Grey?
  20. Who plays Derek Shepard
  21. Who failed their intern test in season 3 and beginning of season 4?
  22. How many times did Cristina marry?
  23. Which of the following list of characters had divorces?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Greys anatomy superfan?