Grey's Anatomy 101

How much do you really know about Grey's Anatomy? In this and upcoming quizzes from future seasons you will learn everything you thought you knew, things you know you know and some things you may not have wanted to know about our great cast of characters.

You may be wondering things such as, why does Christina keep her pregnancy a secret, or why does a man appearing to be pregnant have a positive pregnancy test. The answer to all these scintillating questions and more in this quiz and the ones to follow! So enjoy and lets see how much you really know!

Created by: Katherine
  1. Derek Shepherd takes what of Merideths in Losing My Religion?
  2. In the episode Let It Be, what did the patient fall on?
  3. Addison goes to California in Season 3 for what purpose?
  4. What did Merideth say when she wouldnt get out of bed in "It the end of the world"?
  5. Why does George refuse to cross the picket line in "Break On Through"?
  6. What is Olivia afraid of?
  7. What did George catch from Olivia that she caught from Alex?
  8. How does Merideth almost die?
  9. What did Izzie do to Denny?
  10. In "Something to talk about" what is the pregnant patients name?
  11. What does Burke show Izzie how to do in "Thanks for the memories"?
  12. What does Merideth's mother Ellis suffer from?
  13. What does Burkes mother take from Christina on the day of their wedding?
  14. Where does Burke recite his vows?
  15. What are the numbers of the supposed death clusters in "Superstition"?

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