What Grey's Character Are You? (season 2 cast)

What you ever wondered what Grey's anatomy character you are? Have you been watching Grey's and wanting to know who you're like? Find out now!

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Created by: Greyzz
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. In an operation, you are the intern over-seeing the surgery. Doctor Bailey is the surgeon operating. The patient's heart beat starts dropping and you freak out. Do you...
  2. You hear people having sex in the on-call room do you...
  3. How do friends describe you?
  4. Are you outgoing or closed off?
  5. If you had to make money fast! What would you rather do...
  6. Family or work first.... be honest
  7. Would you rather have sex with...
  8. What snack would you grab at the cafeteria
  9. Do you want kids?
  10. Food talk..

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Quiz topic: What Grey's Character am I? (season 2 cast)