What family kid are you

Welcome to the quiz of family life, and the different roles in this very bizarre part of life. Lets face it, family sees the worst and best parts of you, they see EVERYTHING, so I like to say they judge you more accurately then anyone else, and I would like even more to say that this quiz can do the same. (no promises)

We all have our own opinions of ourselves, and of course others have opinions of us, bust who wouldn't want to know the opinion through a awkward online quiz based off of information of one of the most awkward families ever?

Created by: roni

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  1. Family sports day, who's up for wiffle ball??! you make for the field, you...
  2. Somethings broke in the house, family meeting! whose to blame...
  3. Off to visit grandma's, this is an all day event, car ride there and back, dinner and desert, bonding time and all.
  4. Holiday present exchange!
  5. There is a new girl/boy friend in the family
  6. "When My siblings and I grow out of the house..."
  7. Family chores...
  8. How you feel about family "Traditions"
  9. How you spend your time
  10. Do you think you'll be surprised by this quiz result?

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