I Can Guess the Size of Your Family!

Okay, so I'm going to try and guess the size of your family! This is for brothers/sisters size, it is not a quiz to determine how many children you have.

I have experience in the large family division, so, let's see what you get!!! I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, but I hope you enjoy anyway! Word count...

Created by: S

  1. If there is a baby in your house, do he/she have a nursery?
  2. Have you ever shared your bed with siblings (brothers/sisters)?
  3. Has your dad ever called you by the wrong name (your siblings names)?
  4. Do you remember the birthdays of all your siblings and their ages?
  5. Are you the oldest?
  6. Do you keep, or have you kept a diary/journal?
  7. Is your house crowded?
  8. Have you ever had a bunk bed in your house?
  9. What is your eating speed?
  10. Alright! Are you ready for your result?

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Quiz topic: I Can Guess the Size of my Family!