Which member of deema's family would you be?

I come from one big family. I have seven siblings including myself. although we live in one big house, each one of us has a different personality, different hobby, different taste and different way of living.

Ever wondered where would you stand in my big family?? if you were born as one of us, what would your name be? your birth order? your habits? who's gonna be your closest sibling?? are you going to be the nerd? the player? or daddy's little girl? It's fun to find out!

Created by: deema
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You wake up in the Morning.. First thing you do?
  2. Your favorite food is...
  3. During your free time...
  4. You wish you were /or you want to be??
  5. Your Horoscope..
  6. You never leave the house without...
  7. You look into your wardrobe.. what you see is..
  8. The worst thing that can happen to you?
  9. Your parents are sitting in the living room at 10 P.M. they have called you all to chitchat about your day.. what do you do??
  10. Your Favorite Accessory..

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