The REAL Montgomery Ctr. Quiz!

Montgomery, founded in 1780, home of maple syrup, Gaston's cows, Jay Peak nomads, and many, many covered bridges. For a few select people, it's also more than a dead cell phone reception's what we call home. But assume its your home until after you take this test.

Alright guys, I made a Montgomery quiz that's actually worth taking! Test your true Montgomery knowledge out, and see if you're as much of a local as you think you are :) It's fun, and entertaining when there is nothing else to do but wander around on Facebook.

Created by: Brittany
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  1. Where used to be the cheapest gas in town?
  2. If Flick's is closed, where do you go for a Creemee?
  3. What is Zack's Favorite color?
  4. What float can you count on to be really crazy during the Fourth of July Parade?
  5. What's the pick up game on Sundays at the Rec Center?
  6. What state/province is your license plate?
  7. What are the names of the owners of Sylvesters?
  8. Gaston's Farm had a tree trunk in his yard that resembled what kind of animal?
  9. Where did the old elementary school used to be?
  10. Trout River Traders has gone through many hands. Who is currently running the place?
  11. What have you seen from the top of Burnt Mountain?
  12. When a huge blockbuster is about to come out on DVD, what do you do?

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