Which World War 2 General Are You?

Out of the greatest conflict of the 20th century arose a few men who are forever renown for their leadership (and quirks). All sides had their military geniuses and their human war machines. Some used their brains--some used their brawn. A few had a dangerous combination of both.

Had you been born earlier and found yourself leading men onto the field of battle during World War II, whose boots would you be filling--Montgomery? Patton? Rommel? Take the quiz and find out where you would fit in history.

Created by: Naomi
  1. You are assigned to a group project with your fellow employees (or students). You alone disagree with the rest of the group on how the project should proceed. You
  2. When it comes to diplomacy, your preferred method of resolving conflict is
  3. Take that hill, soldier. How do you do it? You
  4. Rock, paper, or scissors?
  5. You are surrounded and outnumbered. What do you do?
  6. It's time to make nice with your former enemies. How do you proceed?
  7. Your troops have fought long and hard, and gained a lot of ground today. You
  8. What is your preferred method of assault?
  9. What is your trademark sidearm or military accessory?
  10. Your enemy has had the audacity to ask for your surrender. How do you respond?

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Quiz topic: Which World War 2 General am I?