Malaria: General Knowledge

Malaria is a pretty big deal, and yet it doesn't get a lot of press nor attention in the United States. As part of my thesis, I need to poll a general population (this is where you come in) and get a sense for how knowledgeable you may be in the area...

The purpose of this isn't to find out who's the smartest/embarrass anyone--I just need anonymous results that can help provide data that will support my thesis! =) Have fun, thanks again.

Created by: Lisa
  1. Malaria is defined as:
  2. Malaria was eradicated in the United States:
  3. Malaria is transmitted by:
  4. Malaria causes disease in approximately _____ people per year.
  5. A vaccine is available for malaria.
  6. Malaria has infected humans for over ____ years.
  7. One person dies of malaria approximately every ________
  8. Malaria is transmitted by only three specific types of mosquitoes.
  9. Malaria is presently endemic in a broad band around the equator in all of the following places except:
  10. The use of the following chemical helped combat malaria in the United States and Great Britain:

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