General Knowledge Quiz

In this brilliantly engineered quiz, you are asked some general knowledge questions, which are then calculated by elves that live inside your computer. They then send pixies to display your results on the screen, so you can see your score.

Do you have what it takes to get full marks? These are fairly easy questions, considering the maker is an eleven year old, but have a go, and see what you can do!

Created by: amazon
  1. Which state was Kurt Cobain found dead in?
  2. Please punctuate this sentence: Were going to eat there heads off
  3. How old was King Tutankhamen when he died?
  4. What mythical creature was supposed to dwell famously in Scotland?
  5. In the book "The Windsinger" by William Nicholson, what were the twins called?
  6. Who wrote "Oliver Twist"?
  7. What is Lady GaGas' real name?
  8. In "South Park" which character is known for being horribly racist and a total fascist?
  9. In the Simpsons episode, "Blame It On Lisa," where do the Simpsons travel to?
  10. Where was president Lincoln when he was assassinated?
  11. Which band performs a song with the lyrics: "I can feel the pressure yeah, it's getting closer now, I'm better off without you..."?
  12. And which band performs these? "Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken bones, some call it slums some call it nice, I want to take you through a wasteland I like to call my home..."
  13. What is the definition of "phosphorescent"?
  14. Who teamed up with Nancy Sinatra for the 1971 hit 'Did You Ever'?
  15. Is N = 4 then what is 4N + 2N?
  16. And finally... What is the meaning of the Latin word, "Volitalis" in English?

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