General Knowledge #2

This general knowledge quiz is for your enjoyment, and hopefully you'll find it interesting too and maybe you'll even learn a thing or 2 as well. Have fun.

So, are you a brain box or do you have a more specific pool of knowledge? Lets see how you do with this general knowledge quiz... all the best with it.

Created by: Azif Ucan
  1. What does FA stand for in FA Cup?
  2. Which County of England has Chelmsford as its County Town?
  3. Which football league do Seattle Sounders FC play in?
  4. In which year was the Falklands War?
  5. What is the Capital City of Brazil?
  6. In which country is Berwick-upon-Tweed?
  7. In which year was the Battle of Britain?
  8. Maradona played football for which country?
  9. How many boroughs make up the City of New York?
  10. Which river runs thru the Scottish city of Glasgow?
  11. Who won the 1974 FIFA World Cup?
  12. In which year did Queen Victoria die?
  13. Everton Football Club are based in which city?
  14. Who won the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup?
  15. What is Siam called nowadays?
  16. Which year was the film Notting Hill released?
  17. What does "Adios Amigo" mean?
  18. Where was Jerry Springer born?
  19. Which football league do Sydney FC play in?
  20. Sherlock Holmes was written by...
  21. In Australian English, what does "sarvo" mean?
  22. In the film Two Rode Together, which 2 actors rode together?
  23. In which city was the 2006 FA Cup Final played?
  24. Who won the 1994/95 Premier League title?
  25. On what side of the road do they drive on in New Zealand?
  26. New York City Football Club play their home games in Yankee stadium, but which sport was the stadium built for?
  27. What is the Capital City of Denmark?
  28. What was dubbed "The English Disease"?
  29. In which year was the film The Empire Strikes Back released?
  30. What is 12x12?
  31. In which country is Stonehenge?
  32. In 2017, who is the Mayor of London?
  33. What does Magna Carta mean?
  34. Where was MoTown?
  35. In which sport are The Ashes played for?
  36. In which year did Princess Diana die in a car crash in Paris?
  37. In which continent is Botswana?
  38. The Watts Riots took place in which city?
  39. Who played Henry Higgins in the film My Fair Lady?
  40. In which country is British Columbia?
  41. Who or what is Grubson?
  42. What other name did Edward Teach go by?
  43. In which country is The Forbidden City?
  44. How many humans survived The Flood in The Ark?
  45. Who was The Yorkshire Ripper?
  46. Who directed the film Schindler's List?
  47. Who stayed at Number 1 in the UK music charts for 16 weeks with Everything I Do?
  48. What is the Capital City of Kenya?

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