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hi this quiz as you have probably seen is called general knowledge it goes by its name and is about your personal general knowledge. so if you want to find out how smart you are then in just a click you can find out.

do you have the skill to get 100 percent on this quiz? do you have the awesome epic everlasting brainpower to even get 50% on this quiz well you can find out very soon.

Created by: bannana and custard

  1. the first tv advertisement was broadcasted in?
  2. the whole harry potter series contains......
  3. witch city has the worst traffic in the U.S and the tenth worst in the world?
  4. what bird often vomits when approached or threated to lighten stomach so that its easier for take-off?
  5. the world record for the largest number ever counted to is made by Jeremy harper but what did he get up to and how long did it take him?
  6. how many pounds of chocolate are eaten in the U.S every second?
  7. George Washington was worth haw many U.S dollars when adjusted for inflation?
  8. who was named after simon bolivar?
  9. what 1 out of 7 foods should you eat for weight loss?
  10. one of the biggest countries in the world is ?
  11. on a scale of 1 to 6 how do you rate this quiz?

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