Trivia quiz, general knowledge.

Take this general knowledge quiz to find out how much you know and how smart you are. Are you super smart and know a lot or do you know very little? Find out now with this quiz.

This general knowledge quiz consists of twenty three multiple choice questions with five possible answers to choose from. There are biology questions, medical, math, general and others. Have fun and enjoy.

Created by: Honeytoast

  1. What are the bones in your ear called?
  2. Which is true about veins and arteries?
  3. Which has a pulse?
  4. What is X? 12+X=23
  5. Why do owls move their heads all the way around?
  6. How many hearts do octopus have?
  7. What is the square root of 16?
  8. Which of these is NOT a mammal?
  9. Hemaphilia is more common in...
  10. Which is not part of the brain?
  11. What is the square root of 148?
  12. What is the order in the order of operations?
  13. Hand is to glove, as ( ) is to head.
  14. Ocean is to waves, as stream is to...
  15. Which president freed the slaves?
  16. Which animal can you NOT determin the sex of when they are born?
  17. Are puppies born with their eyes open?
  18. Which philosopher came up with the odipus complex?
  19. Who is most likely to have LESS activity in the frontal lobe of their brain.
  20. What part of the body does a dermitologist work on?
  21. Leg is to walk, as spoon is to...
  22. Which vitamin promotes healthy bones?
  23. Vitamin E contains...

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