General Knowledge

This is a quiz. This is a general knowledge quiz! If you think that you are going to be embarrassed by your score, leave now. Find your inner genius! Or not.

Are YOU the next Albert Einstein? Do YOU have a passion for looking smart infront of your friends? Are YOU clever? Do YOU consider yourself a genius? Here is the place to prove all of these things true. Or false.

Created by: Meg

  1. Which is NOT a colour in the rainbow?
  2. What is the animal in Moby Dick?
  3. Which of the following answers is NOT a breed of dog?
  4. What is the outer (visible) part of the ear called?
  5. There are two lenses in the eye. What are they called?
  6. What are considered 'traditional' colours at Christmas time?
  7. What spreads the plague?
  8. How do you spell the word below?
  9. What colour of cats is considered 'unlucky' by some cultures?
  10. If you are red green colour-blind which colours do you see differently?
  11. What is the UK's most popular fruit?
  12. Which sport is most popular in the UK?
  13. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  14. Complete the phrase: "Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and....."
  15. Last Question: What colour are dalmations?

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