Can you Answer my Questions correctly?

You know that fluffy thing called general knowledge...? Well, grab it by the tail and throw it our the window. My questions are here-and they are tough.

Can you beat the evil cousin of sociable General Knowledge? Do you have what it takes to defeat it? About half is average for my friends;≥40% is enough to kill it.

Created by: Katherine

  1. OK, I'll start easy. Read this passage from my book Luck Days. "Tanya," a silky voice spoke. Tanya whirled around to see two adults standing there. They were both in their late thirties. The woman had long brown hair, like Tanya, and kindly blue eyes. The man had short ginger hair and brown eyes bordering on amber, like Tanya. Could it be...? "We are your parents, Valeria and John." the man smiled. Yes! Tanya embraced her parents thankfully, then backed away. "You abandoned me; you're alive!" Who are Tanya's parents?
  2. Next question ! Was Kiev ever the capital of Russia?
  3. What alphabet do they use in Kazakhstan?
  4. Next question. Which of these was NOT one of Henry VIII's wives?
  5. Getting harder now. What is this anagram? NTRCAATCIA
  6. X² equals 36. Suggest values for X.
  7. What is Hyperbole?
  8. This question relies on you speaking French. If you don't, please click I don't speak French. Your score will not be affected. What is voulu the past participle of?
  9. Next question. Is "Edit a tide" palindromic?
  10. I am essential, yet often overlooked. I can save lives, but usually am employed for an easier task. I keep evil away. What am I?
  11. Spot the difference: Heap and Неар.
  12. Last question. I rely on five workers, one more than the others. I also rely on my machinery. I am a mere speck of dust in a massive mess. What am I?

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Quiz topic: Can I Answer my Questions correctly?