Do YOU Know About Horses

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Some simple horse knowledge questions that should be understood by most horse lovers/ owners. See if you can answer thses questions to see if you are really as knowledgable as you think

different questions about horses for the horse enthusiast. Can you answer all the questions correctly and become the true expert! Hope you enjoy my quiz

Created by: Rebecca Du'Hany

  1. What is an ERMINE mark?
  2. which of these is not haylage
  3. what is a horse with black points and black mane and tail?
  4. what is a horse with spots on its coat usually called
  5. what could happen if you take a feed bucket into a field with more than one horse?
  6. What effects does barley have on horses
  7. which of these is not part of a bridle
  8. where is the seat of corn located
  9. is it good to give water to a horse just in from hard fast excercise
  10. what is a snip?
  11. why should mares and gelding be seperated in spring and summer time?
  12. what is a horse with black and white patches

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Quiz topic: Do I Know About Horses