How Much Do You Know About Horses.

Hello! welcome to this quiz! I hope you enjoy it and learn from it too! I had fun making it! Also just remember this is for fun and does not define you as a horse person.

Also I recommend doing research always before purchasing a horse and even before riding and or leasing. It is always a good idea and in fact a great one!

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  1. Which is not a horse breed?
  2. Which is a horse breed?
  3. Which is not a brush?
  4. Which is the fastest horse breed?
  5. Which horse is gaited?
  6. Horses NEED grain to survive.
  7. The slowest gait is the walk.
  8. The trot has how many beats.
  9. What is the poll?
  10. What is the Hoof Wall?
  11. Can you feed a horse a potato?
  12. Which book is about a horse?
  13. Which horse breed is the only true wild horse left?
  14. Which horse breed comes from Norway?
  15. Which is not a breed?
  16. Which is a chestnut base with a cream dilution?
  17. Western saddles have a horn?
  18. What facial marking is a spot on the forehead.
  19. Which horse breed had the tallest horse ever recorded?
  20. Which horse breed is now extinct?
  21. What breed was Valegro?
  22. Which horse is very famous in the racing industry?
  23. Which is a popular quarter horse stud.
  24. Horse that are grey are born gray?
  25. Colic is what?
  26. Laminitis is also called?
  27. Which best defines Laminitis?
  28. How often should a horses hooves be trimmed.
  29. Which horse breed originated from Prussia area.
  30. Which horse breed originated from Florida.
  31. Which horse breed originated from the UK.
  32. Which isn't a part of the hoof?
  33. Which is not a piece of riding equipment for the rider.
  34. Which is not a color a thoroughbred can have.
  35. Which is not a piece of equipment for the horse.
  36. Whats a blue eye called in horses.
  37. Horses have the largest eye to body ratio of any land mammal?
  38. A horse has almost 360 degree vision. It only has two blind spots behind its rear and its forehead.
  39. what is the abusive method in dressage called. It is over flexing the neck.
  40. What are the three Disciplines in Eventing?
  41. Who rode Totilas?
  42. What riding school has Lippizaners?
  43. What is liberty?
  44. Why do we mount on the left side of the horse.
  45. What height would be the max height of a pony.
  46. What would an Arabian horse be considered?
  47. Which is not a type of bit.
  48. Which saddle has a particularly deep seat.
  49. Horse can only breathe through their nose.
  50. Horse can throw up.
  51. The fastest gait is the Gallop?
  52. Which is a western speed event.
  53. Which is a disease in foals.
  54. Horses can swim?
  55. What are the three main patterns for paint horses.

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