How many of these can you answer correctly?

You think you're a general knowledge wizz? Well find out now! This quiz tests your general knowledge facts, seeing if you're REALLY great at this! Try your luck!

Do YOU think you're a genius at this? Are you sure? Really sure? Positive? EXTRA POSITIVE? Well, here you go then! Do you have the brain and will power to qualify for that prestigious title?

Created by: Cookielover

  1. True or false- Eating chocolate improves mathematical skills.
  2. True or false- It rains poisonous rain on Saturn and Jupiter.
  3. True or false- Will Smith's real name is actually Willard, not William.
  4. True or false- Taylor Swift was born Alison Alexandra Swift
  5. True or false- In the year 2349 all 11 year olds now will be approximately 467 years old.
  6. True or false- Google was originally called Backrub.
  7. True or false- You can change your language on Facebook® to 'Pirate.'
  8. True or false- 90% of people named Elias in 2013 were interviewed by a person, wether it be recorded or not.
  9. True or false- McDonalds® Ceaser Salad is more fattening than their hamburger.
  10. True or False- My username is Douglasthebig456

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Quiz topic: How many of these can I answer correctly?