General Knowledge #3

General knowledge can be a major headache for some and a delight to others. Questions are only easy when we know the answers and hard when we don't but educated guesses can be fun...

So, do you know your general knowledge? Lets find out... regardless of the result I hope you find this quiz interesting, enjoyable even. Give it your best shot.

Created by: Azif Ucan
  1. In which war was the Charge Of The Light Brigade?
  2. Who was Dick Turpin?
  3. Who wrote Oliver Twist?
  4. What nationality was the fictional detective Poirot?
  5. In which year was the London headmaster Phillip Lawrence killed while trying to protect students?
  6. How many female prime ministers has Britain had?
  7. Where was the 1994 football World Cup?
  8. Who directed the film The Pianist?
  9. In which city is Coney Island?
  10. Who wrote Pride and Prejudice?
  11. What is the capital city of Hungary?
  12. In which year were 33 miners rescued from a mine in Chile?
  13. What sentence did the Oklahoma Bomber receive?
  14. In which city was US president JFK shot?
  15. Which one of these sports uses a sphere shaped ball?
  16. Which 2 countries have more than a billion inhabitants each?
  17. In which year was the Battle Of Waterloo?
  18. What is the capital city of Norway?
  19. What is the first book of the Bible?
  20. What type of sport do Aston Villa play?
  21. In which country is the Leaning Tower Of Pisa?
  22. Which one of these doesn't live in the wild in Britain?
  23. Who won the 1982 football World Cup?
  24. In snooker how many points do you get for potting a red ball?
  25. Where are you most likely to see clowns performing?
  26. What is H2O?
  27. What does CD stand for?
  28. In which country is the city of Cork?
  29. Who created Star Wars?
  30. In which one of these films was Burt Lancaster in?
  31. Who played Captain Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation?
  32. How did Mary Queen Of Scots die?
  33. In the film Back To The Future what made time travel possible?
  34. In the fictional story what could Doctor Dolittle do?
  35. What nationality was Winston Churchill's mum?
  36. What profession was Margaret Thatcher's dad?
  37. One year Donald Trump helped make the draw for a round of the FA Cup... True or False?
  38. Which character did Eddie Murphy play in the Beverly Hills Cop films?
  39. Who was Al Capone?
  40. What law enforcement operates in Compton, California?
  41. What is the capital city of Greece?
  42. Tiger Woods played which sport for a living?
  43. William Tell was known for using which weapon?
  44. What is 7x7?
  45. Beatrix Potter was a...
  46. In darts, how much is a bullseye?
  47. In which US state is Chicago?
  48. Who wrote Swallows and Amazons?

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