General Knowledge Pledge

Many people seem don't care enough what the things that their reading, listening, watching or something like that. Are you one of those? Take this quiz and know you weakness and strength about GENERAL KNOWLEDGE.

General knowledge about life, animals, earth & something surrounding us. It's not as hard as it seem. So good luck. Please set time when answering the qustions. The best time is 10 minutes.

Created by: Salvatore De'xeera
  1. What is the common color that appears in the flags of the world?
  2. How many pieces does each player have in a games of backgammon?
  3. What are the three key ingredients of black Russian cocktail?
  4. Who is popularly believed to be king of the elvs and the fairies?
  5. Alphabetically, which is the first animal of the Chinese horoscope?
  6. In 1958, Benjy and Laska went into space. What were they?
  7. Which major US studio opened in 1912?
  8. What is the only gemstone that is composed of a single element?
  9. How many stars are there on the New Zealand flag?
  10. What is the only known substance that exists in natural form in all three chemical states?

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