General Knowledge Quiz

Not everyone has super model type looks.Some of us actually need to be smart to make it in this world.So if you were not blessed with good looks take my quiz to see if you could make it on brain power alone.

Are you smart enough? Take this quiz on general knowledge to find out.All questions are based on things that I have either read,or heard about.I suggest that you do some research of your own into the topics.

Created by: Epiphany Amore
  1. What was Nostradamus' first name?
  2. Which is the correct definition of the word abbattoir?
  3. What is Stockholm Syndrome?
  4. What is the right way to use the word too?
  5. Who wrote The Story of Juliette?
  6. What was Agent Orange?
  7. The river Styx is located where?
  8. Who was the first president born outside of the original thirteen colonies?
  9. Where is the Sea of Tranquility located?
  10. What is the only state in the USA where coffee is commercially grown?

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