General Knowledge

A general Knowledge Trivia Quiz to test you. Hard, but not too hard - if you are a true genius???? If not you will learn something so that can't be bad.

Switch on your brain and concentrate your mind - you know you know the answers! Go on! You can do it! You can - I know you can - just do it! Yes!!!! That's it!

Created by: Roz Macca
  1. What is 20 % of 420?
  2. Between what years did Margaret Thatcher serve as Prime Minister of the UK?
  3. Who is the captain of the Enterprise in Star Trek The Next Generation?
  4. Where did Moses receive the 10 commandments?
  5. What is the national flower of Austria?
  6. What does an "H" in a circle represent on an Ordnance Survey map?
  7. What was the first name of the American aviation pioneer, brother of Orville Wright, who died in 1912?
  8. Which word can precede all of the following:, less, power, storm, wave and wash?
  9. Who wrote the novel Ivanhoe?
  10. By what name is solid carbon dioxide known?

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