General Knowledge

This is just a random knowledge test that I came up with because, yes, I'm bored and didn't have anything else to do. It has a lot of random history questions because I made it and I like history. Don't like it then make your own you naysayer.

Can you actually pass this without cheating on most, if not all of it? I doubt it but give it a shot. And when you actually find out the right answers you can quiz other people and shame them for knowing so little.

Created by: Tim Larsen

  1. When the great Martin Luther King Jr was shot in Memphis, he was there supporting what group?
  2. Four US Presidents have been Assassinated, but how many have survived an assassination attempt?
  3. Approximitaly how long does it take energy from the core of the sun to reach it's surface and be emitted as light?
  4. Long time FBI director J Edgar Hoover was rumored to be...?
  5. How many states seceded during the Civil War?
  6. The Confederate Battle flag has two more stars then there were confederate states, because at the time it was thought that these two states would follow the rest of the dirty south into treason.
  7. The treasonous Jefferson Davis was actually Sec. of War for which President?
  8. What President had the shortest tenure in office?
  9. When he was shot Robert Kennedy was leaving a?
  10. For bonus points: Who shot him?
  11. Robert Lincoln has a odious distinction in history because he was present at his fathers death and the assassination of what other President?
  12. Scientists believe that on this moon of Jupiter there is a ocean of liquid water beneath the ice shell of its surface.
  13. Who shot Alexander Hamilton?
  14. For more bonus points: What post did the person who shot and killed him hold?
  15. What two elements power our sun and are believed to be responsible for the creation of all the other elements?

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