How much do you know about "24"

Some TV show fans are obsessive and know everything about it, from how many songs on the soundtrack to what actors played more then three characters. So if you think your a real, hard-core "24" fan, you can take this quiz and see if you really are.

Are you a real "24" fan? Do you know all the facts, seen all the episodes and read all the comics multiple times? You think you know all that trivia, you can find out by taking this quiz! Hope you enjoy it!

Created by: John

  1. Who was the First Lady of the United States before David Palmer was elected?
  2. When did Season 2 premiere?
  3. Officer Nirman attempted to reason with Ramon Garcia, who was holding Kim Bauer hostage in a convience store in Season 2. What other character did the actor playing Nirman portray?
  4. Which one of these locations was never mentioned to have a CTU station?
  5. What time did the third episode of Day 1 of the mobisode series, "The Rookie: CTU" start?
  6. In what year did "24" win the Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series award?
  7. What show parodied "24"?
  8. What episodes did Elizabeth Cosin write?
  9. What was the flight number of the plane which Jack sneaked aboard in Season 5?
  10. What characters besides Jack have appeared in all 6 seasons?
  11. Milo has the longest gap between appeares on the show. How many episodes are in the gap?

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