do you know your Hanson songs

There are many hanson fans that know their songs but do you? Take my quiz to find out how many hanson songs you really know. It is ten questions about hanson songs.

Are you a real hanson fan or just a jonas brother in disguise. well you can find out by taking this quiz. I made it just for hanson fans that think they know their hanson music.

Created by: Taylor
  1. what album is more than anything from?
  2. What album is i am from?
  3. Which one of these songs is NOT a Hanson song?
  4. The song Refresh has to do with what song?
  5. "PB and J is old news" is from which song?
  6. "I see you stompin' your feet" is from which song?
  7. What was the first song that Isaac wrote?
  8. Isaac sings lead on which song from the album Shout it Out?
  9. What album is the song Worlds on fire from?
  10. Love somebody to know is from which album?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Hanson songs