Little House- Actors

This quiz is based on the Show Little House On The Prairie actors and actresses. It is characters and people through out series 1-10. Try your best I'm sure you will do fine.

Do you know what your doing? Do you know your Little House On The Prairie actors and actresses trivia well enough to get 100 percent on this quiz. Let's find out!!!

Created by: Elizabeth

  1. In the show, Who played Charles 'Pa' Ingals?
  2. Who played Caroline 'Ma' Ingals?
  3. Who did Melissa Sue Anderson play?
  4. Who were the twins that played Carrie Ingals?
  5. Melissa Gilbert played Laura Ingals Wilder...
  6. Who played Albert Ingals?
  7. Who played James and Cassandra Cooper Ingals?
  8. In real life Laura Ingals and Willie Oleson were brother and sister...
  9. What character did Victor French play?
  10. Who played Mary's husband Adam Kendall?
  11. Who did real life brothers Matthew and Patrick Labourteux play?
  12. Nellie and Nancy Olsen were played by Alison Balson and Shannen Doherty...
  13. Who did Michael Landon's daughter Leslie Landon play?
  14. Who played Jenny Wilder?
  15. Dean Butler played Laura's husband Almanzo Wilder...

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