how well do you know the house finch

are you the house finch expert?Can you tell me details about the house finches life?such as it's color,and size? well now you can.lets find out and see if your the house finch wisperer.

in just a minute you can not just test your knowledge of the house finch but,also learn about it as i hope you enjoy my strange intelligent quiz.also please do rate it.

Created by: hollie

  1. first of what does a MALE house finch look like?
  2. what size is the house finch.
  3. it takes how many days for a finch egg to hatch.?
  4. their favorite treat is...
  5. how much food can they eat a week?
  6. do finches like reflective surfaces?
  7. they can live up to a...
  8. do you take them out of the cage.
  9. how often do you clean their cage?
  10. how is their beak shaped?
  11. and now the the dreaded last question...what color is the finches eye?
  12. ok sorry for lying ,NOW is the last question.will you rate my quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the house finch