Will you survive my house of horrors?

I have this house of horrors. Think you can take it? it is a world of craziness. Just wait till part 2 comes. Evil laughter will be everywhere. HAHAHAHAH!!!

So many people can't survive my house. just ask little Jimmy. he got trapped. Now he is a slave. I hope you do get trapped we need more help around the house.

Created by: emowolf13
  1. You come to a house and something pulls you in what do you say?
  2. Now your in the house you go into the bathroom and see your momshaving her legs you?
  3. Now you see a little girl. She gives you her hand. You?
  4. If you did something mean to her she knocked you down on your bum (butt). You see a dead body it has a note on it. You..?
  5. Now you see 3 doors. Which do you go through?
  6. door1: gets you out. Door 2: puts you in a room and your trapped forever Door 3; you died. If you lived you see orbs you?
  7. No matter what action an orb materializes and it tells you that in the near future you will die. You?
  8. Last question no effect though. What your favorite color
  9. No effect did you like this quiz?
  10. Sorry but I needed one more question. No effect but are you gonna comment?

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Quiz topic: Will I survive my house of horrors?