How well do you know House M.D.?

There are people who live only to watch the show House M.D. Are you one of these people? You could only wonder until now. Are you the #1 House Fanatic? What is that? It is a person, who eats, breaths, and lives for House. You can't wait for the season 6 premiere, and you faint because House shaved his head.

Are you ready to take this quiz? Are you ready to make history? Ok,so you probably won't make history, but you will in my books. Try your best, and if you don't know it, just guess. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Nicole

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  1. When you hear the word "House" you automatically think of....
  2. Dr. Robert Chase is....
  3. What network does House M.D. run on now?
  4. What is the theme song of House?
  5. What happened to Dr. Chase and Dr. Cameron at the end of season 5?
  6. What hospital do they work at?
  7. Who is the official creator of House?
  8. What about Lupas is so important?
  9. Who originally said, "You can't always get what you want."
  10. Dr. Cameron's _______ died.
  11. Dr. Wilson has had _ wives.
  12. Amber dated who?
  13. How did Kutner die?
  14. Dr. House is addicted to what?
  15. What type of cancer did Dr. Chase's dad have?
  16. In the episode, "Hunting", Cameron gets stoned. On what medicine does she get stoned on?
  17. As Hannah is in the ER,House comes in and says she has...
  18. What is Dr. Cameron's specialty?
  19. What is the worst thing of having a crippled son? The answer is found when House's parents come, and Wilson is talking to Cameron.
  20. What does Stacey compare House and her relationship to?
  21. In the "Pilot" what did Wilson tell House to get him to accept the case?
  22. What is Doctor 'Thirteen's real full name?
  23. What disease does 'Thirteen' have?
  24. Which side is House's cain on?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know House M.D.?