What Kind Of Residence Are You?

When people look at a house, all they see is a house. They don't see all the human characteristics that a house can have. There are many different types of places to live, with a lot of different qualities.

Are you very social? You might be a mansion. More reserved? Maybe you're a house. Are you dependent on others? You are probably an apartment. Do you like to share the fun with others? Maybe you're a townhouse. Are you anti-social, or not a party person? You might be a shack. Do you love it all? You might just be a trailer. Find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: Alani
  1. Your ideal day out would be:
  2. Your friend is wearing the same shirt as you! You:
  3. Your favorite color is:
  4. Your ideal party:
  5. Your favorite country:
  6. You are going to the prom with:
  7. Your favorite activity:
  8. You are online. You are:
  9. You are playing a people simulator game. You make people:
  10. You are on an adventure! You are:
  11. Your favorite music:
  12. You are watching T.V.! It is:
  13. Your intelligence level:
  14. Number of good friends you have:
  15. Your favorite subject/class:
  16. You have to play a sport for credit at school! You choose:
  17. How many kids do you want?
  18. What do you like to write about?
  19. Do you like to travel?
  20. You and your best friend have known each other how long?
  21. What language do you want to know?
  22. This best describes your lifestyle:
  23. Your favorite time of day:
  24. How most people would describe you:

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