Do you know House?

I love House enough to sit and watch him all day, write a quiz...and sit infront of his house...*drool*..anywho! Its pretty easy, might have a little trouble on one or two but mostley easy.

If you love House as much as me then this quiz with be a piece of cake, or pie or cookie or soda or popsicle or anything you want...whatever turns your disease.

Created by: Samantha
  1. What is House addicted to?
  2. In what season does House fire someone, and who?
  3. In the House episode "Fools for Love" What song plays at the end on the episode?
  4. How many miles is it from House's home to the Hospital?
  5. Where does House get shot in the Season Two finale?
  6. What is the name of House's ex-wife?
  7. What are the colors of the box sets for Seasons One, Two, and Three in order?
  8. What is the name of the patient in the episode "All In"?
  9. Which leg is injured on House?
  10. What is it never?

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Quiz topic: Do I know House?