Judgment House of the year 2007

HI! Thanks for taking the Judgment House 2007 quiz. If you have never heard of Judgment House then most likely you are going to fail this quiz because you have had to see it to know this quiz. This quiz asks questions about the rooms and verses and some names. It is not that hard. But it is if you did not pay attention.

Are you a Judgment House champ. If you complete this test with more that a 50% then I think you are because you spent time going though it. You have embraced it and endured the rooms and took a first hand look at Judgment House. Now only one question remains. Are you a Judgment House geneous?

Created by: Amber

  1. What was the girls name in the Heaven Room?
  2. In the Bible is says the __________ could happen at anytime. (1st room)
  3. Revalation Chapter __ says, "And I saw a great white throne and he that sat on it."
  4. How many years have Mt. Pleasant been doing Judgment House? (see the front of the 2007 shirt for help!)
  5. How many nights did we do Judgment House?
  6. What was the 3rd room of Judgment House?
  7. In the first room, What were the three men watching on television?
  8. What was the name of the little boy in the Fire Room who dies?
  9. WHat was the 2nd Room?
  10. In the Hell Room what was the last phrase? If only I could see my _____ again!
  11. What Year did Judgment House Start?
  12. What is the Youth Pastor name?

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