House Music Quiz

This quiz is about the FOX TV television series 'House MD'. Music plays an important part in setting the mood for each episode of this acclaimed series. A common question after a new episode is; What was THAT song?

How well do you know the music in each episode of House? This quiz will test your knowledge and we will see who is worthy to be on House's musical team! Bring it on!

Created by: Karen
  1. The first one will be an easy one: What song has been the House theme since the show began?
  2. Match the song to the episode: On Fire Like This-The Mutaytor
  3. Match the song to the episode: Season of the Witch-Donovan
  4. Match the episode to the song: Mirror,Mirror-Season 4
  5. Match the episode to the song: Autopsy-Season 2
  6. 'Needles In My Eye' is a song from the episode 'Living the Dream' in Season 4. Who does it?
  7. 'On Saturday Afternoons in 1963' is a song from the episode 'Damned if You Do' in Season 1. Who does it?
  8. Which of these is NOT played on the piano by Hugh Laurie in a House episode:
  9. Which of these artists has had a different song played in two seperate episodes?
  10. Let's end on an easy one too: What one song, besides the theme song, has been played in more episodes than any other?
  11. BONUS: In the last Season 4 episode 'Wilson's Heart', a cover of the theme song was played. Who did the song?

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