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Are you a House-dork?? Can you quote House on a daily basis? Do you think Wilson and House are gay? Are you just really bored? Are you sure you clicked the right button? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, this quiz is for you.

Just take a few minutes and you too can brag to your friends just how big of a dork you are! A few minutes of your time can change the way you see yourself, and this description is way too long!

Created by: amazon
  1. House: "Oh, Level Three. Have you called..." (who you gonna call?)
  2. In the episode 'Distractions', what did House take to get RID of his headache?
  3. What song is playing in the beginning and end of the episode 'Skin Deep'?
  4. In "Autopsy' what was the name of the girl with cancer?
  5. We know that Adam was found to be seeing worms after eating sand, but what other disorder did Adam have? (Lines in the Sand)
  6. What hobby did we learn that House enjoyed before his Infaction, in 'Three Stories'.
  7. Who's mistake is the title "The Mistake" referring to?
  8. In the episode "Que Sera Sera", what symptom leads House to believe that the patient had lung cancer?
  9. In 'All In' what hand does Wilson win the Poker tournament with?
  10. How much time off of clinic duty does House get in 'Detox'?

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