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  • so you have to know the names of songs at the end to be a house fan? So at the end of every episode, I'm supposed to look it up just because a few bars were played at the end? That is not the important part of being a fan.

    fear_the_flute12 May 1 '09, 12:24PM
  • Sorry that I'm only a 70% House geek. I love the show but get offended when the "experts" creating quizzes don't know the difference between an "infaction" and an "infarction"!

    HowdySox Apr 19 '09, 10:10AM
  • Dude, people really do need to suck it up. If you don't know the songs and the names of the episode, you are not 100% House geek! I consider myself a huge Lost fan, which includes knowing songs and episode names. House... not as much. Good quiz, though.

    undermanskirt Oct 31 '08, 6:12PM
  • And the music? How am I supose to know the name of the music I barely heard?

    Eduardo Jun 25 '08, 5:24PM
  • i dont no the NAMES of all the episodes!

    bubblz Mar 2 '08, 2:21PM

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