House md quiz for the house lovers

Its an fun triva quiz for anyone who loves House and wants to test their Houseing ability and sticking up for what they love wich is House I hope tkae the test and find out who you really are aposer or a lover!

Do you know House as well as you think? Take this fun test to see if you know as much as youput on your plate, because House is down and deep so it takes a own and deep lover to know their show so go on and prove your House love!

Created by: meha

  1. In the "Pilot" what did Wilson tell House to get him to accept the case?
  2. Who wanted House fire someone from his team?
  3. Wich episode was House in a teenage boy/girls dream?
  4. wich episode does House's parents show up
  5. What are House's parents names?
  6. Who is the R&B star who stars in the episode acceptance?
  7. Who is the famous doctor from "Informed Consent"?
  8. What type of anistetic did House ask for Cuddy to him on when he got shot?
  9. In wich episode was Chase slapped?
  10. What is the name of the POTW (patient of the week) from "Humpty Dumpty'

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