Which Game of Thrones house do you belong to?

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Have you ever wondered which house you would be a part of in "A song of ice and fire"? Are you an egocentric leader? A powerful warlord? A stubborn fanatic? Time to find out!

This test will 'sort' you into the house that most exemplifies your innate qualities. Be aware: The house we are in isn't always the house we wish to be a part of. However, there's always marrying into a family if you REALLY don't like your results.

Created by: Emalicious
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  1. Daenerys Targaryen invades Westeros and conquers the continent. You...
  2. Tyrion Lannister comes to see you in jail. You are to be executed the next day. He offers his assistance, but you're not in agreement as to how he can best assist you. How should Tyrion assist you?
  3. The white walkers are coming! The white walkers are coming! People look to YOU as their savior. Do you...
  4. Roses are red, violets are blue, the most important thing to me is _________.
  5. 5 of your 6 children have been killed by Ramsey Bolton. You find yourself alone with him in a room. He isn't aware you are there as he is sleeping. You have an easy escape; nobody will find or catch you. What do you do to him?
  6. Which is your SECOND favorite Game of Thrones character? (out of these 6, anyway.)
  7. Who should the faceless men kill?
  8. You are asked about your belief in the seven gods. When asked which two you feel are the gods you most associate with, you would choose...
  9. Which is your spirit animal?
  10. What are the white walkers?
  11. Which is your favorite villain from "A song of ice and fire" (so far)
  12. You are going to participate in a trial by combat. Which weapon do you use to vanquish your foe?
  13. The night is dark and full of...
  14. Which dragon is your favorite?
  15. Which elemental force do you feel closest to?
  16. Which slightly less important house name do you affiliate yourself with?
  17. You are going to be executed. The executioner agrees to let you choose the method. You choose...
  18. Would you consider yourself more of a...
  19. Magic is...
  20. Which was your favorite Game of Thrones book so far?
  21. Which character do you think will make it "All the way"?
  22. I will list a male and a female, please select either of the two you find most attractive. (Ie you only have to think ONE of the two is attractive to pick it).
  23. If you think this quiz ends well you haven't been paying...
  24. Which game of thrones saying do you most prefer?

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Quiz topic: Which Game of Thrones house do I belong to?