Which Game of Thrones house do you belong to?

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Ever wondered what Game of Thrones House you would belong to? Whereabouts in the world of Westeros will you take your place? Perhaps you already have one in mind.

This quiz covers the ten most major houses. Minor houses, such as Karstark and Umber, will not be available in the results. Does your house match up with your values? Why don't we find out?

Created by: cappucino
  1. You are a rich house. In a nearby city, the townspeople's crops have failed and thousands are starving. However, the city belongs to your enemy. What do you do?
  2. The food shortage has been solved. Now there are rumours that the same city is preparing to march to war! But, you are not the target. What do you do?
  3. Your own townspeople are vying for change. They want the old churches torn down and a new religion to rise in its place. Though, you know nothing about this new religion.
  4. What does the land around your people's town look like?
  5. How would your city celebrate an occasion?
  6. A new, better castle is planned for your city. How would you like it built?
  7. Your castle has completed construction! Now the people are complaining about their contaminated water supply. How do you solve this?
  8. How would you show your wealth?
  9. How would you deal with criminals?
  10. Your city is rather remote, the next nearest being a day's ride away. How do you keep your city's gate?

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Quiz topic: Which Game of Thrones house do I belong to?